Gabriele Segrini

Born in Gallarate, 25/10/1994, he counts on a primary school diploma, secondary school diploma, high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree coming soon. Vergherese DOP, Gabriele leaves his city at 18 years old to go studying in Venice. The three “Venetian years” are essential for him. He learns how to clean, drink spritz, red wine quarter liters and drink spritz. But Gabriele is still hungry, he wants to travel and discover the world. He applies for “women adventure”, failing. But he doesn´t give up and he can now count on 30 countries visited and lived. He´s ready for the adventure, for 16,000 kilometers, dirt tracks, mountains, plains and ocean pits. He’s so ready that when people ask “are you ready?” they reply “Gabriele Segrini”.

Nickname: Tevez
Distinguishing feature: irrelevant questions

Davide Obetti

Born in Busto Arsizio, 24/12/1993, exactly 1993 years after Gesus, coincidence? I don´t think so. Coachbuilder as a job, mushrooms seeker as a vocation. Considered to be Aleccio Alp´s Messner, he´s a concentrate of explosivity, passion and loyalty for the mountain and, above all, his Panda. For 26 years he´s been loyal to the Vergherese´s uniform, apart from a year borrowed to Brisbane where the young Davide has been sent to “grow”. About him we recall a punching with some monkeys in a Nepali´s temple and a funny meeting with some swiss officials coming back from an interrail. The team´s mechanic tried to cut his foot with a chainsaw, during his experience as a woodcutter, he counts on 35 stitches but also the knowledge to take part in this trip.

Nickname: Obeman
Distinguishing feature: rapper after the fourth round

Tommaso Cattaneo

Born in Gallarate, 05/01/1994, someone calls him The Prince, someone The Major, no one The Student. The 25 years old who declares to live in Ronchi, still an open question, is gonna join the team three days after the start because “I have to graduate”. If you´ll see any picture or video about this trip, not considering shootings of Obeman snoring, is thanks to him. His passion for photography pushes him beyond the obstacles, beyond the mountains, beyond the hedge, beyond the walls, beyond the sea, beyond the dark. This is, for him, the consecration´s trip as a real photographer, as well as his fourth graduation trip.

Nickname: Watta
Distinguishing feature: beer and cigarette


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