Beyond the adventure, Mongol Rally is born with the goal of preserving the planet from the threats that are destroying it. Each team has to collect a minimum amount of 1000£ to be donated to charity organizations dealing with environmental issues. 
Sylvester Pandone chose Cool Earth and The Ocean Cleanup, which deal with preserving the rainforests and clean the oceans. 

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“The Largest Cleanup in History”

The system Ocean Clean Up aims to block the 50% of the waste present in the Pacific Ocean in 5 years. The technology is made by an artificial cost leveraging on ocean currents to collect plastic, that is then picked up and sent to recycling centers.

Cool Earth aims to stop the destruction of rainforests and to provide to their preservation. It does not create reserves, neither it buys plots of land, but it uses the money received to give back the lands to native inhabitants, creating a strong and autonomous community.

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